Proven Performance Rooted In Quality Since 1962

Serving Watchung, NJ


At Martoccia Landscape Services, Inc., we offer a wide range of services from complete landscape renovations to simple plant replacements. Our clients come to us with a variety of reasons as to why they have decided to do a landscape project. Whether your project is large or small, we approach it with the same methodology.

First and foremost, we really listen to what our clients are trying to accomplish with their intended project. It is important for us to understand our clients' objective, as that directly impacts how the project is planned, budgeted and executed. In order to tailor a solution that best meets your needs, it is critical that we have a thorough understanding of everything you are trying to accomplish and why it is important to you.

My brothers Scott, Marc and I are the second generation owners of Martoccia Landscape Services, Inc., which was established by our father, Antonio, in 1962. We want to assure you that doing business with our company will be a very positive experience.

Experience and longevity

Marc Martoccia has designed over 800 landscape projects in just the last 10 years. He graduated from Rutgers with his degree in Environmental Sciences with a concentration in Landscape Architecture.

Many landscape contractors design 10 to 20 projects a year – at that rate they would need 40 years of experience to reach the level of expertise Marc already has and will employ in your design.

By offering our clients design, construction and long-term maintenance services, we ensure that the look you want for your property is achieved and continues to delight you as it matures over time.

A 2007 survey by a consulting firm that specializes in the landscape industry found that 22% of the landscape contractors listed in local telephone directories where out of business within two years of the date the directory was published. Even more surprising – 32% were out of business in five years. We are proud to say that our company has been in business continuously since 1962.

It is possible for a landscape project to be done right the first time without hidden charges, hassles, or poor quality that is all too commonly found. I encourage you to carefully review all of the information on our website so you can make the best decision in choosing a landscape contractor.

Written installation processes that are setting the standard

We developed a detailed preparation and installation procedure for each major type of landscape project we design and install. After 50 years of experience, and after designing and installing thousands of projects, we believe our processes will insure that your landscape project will be completed on time, for the price quoted, and your expectations will be met.

We provide each homeowner we meet with our written processes and this allows them to easily understand the cost of installing a landscape project and be able to easily compare our proposal with another proposal.

We also know that most homeowners are not aware of the number of steps required to complete a quality landscape project and our processes will help you realize what it takes to create a project that looks good and lasts.

Unfortunately, there are some landscape contractors who won’t provide you with their written processes since they don’t want to be held to such a consistent standard.

Avoiding those contractors is a smart move.

Our crews

  • Paul, Marc or Scott supervise every project to insure quality control.
  • All field employees are receiving continuous training throughout the year. We know that this keeps our employees' skills sharp.
  • Every employee must comply with a strict written policy that prohibits smoking or the use of alcohol or drugs.
  • We complete each project before starting a new one.
  • We provide approximate start and finish dates for all projects as required by law in New Jersey.